Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hello All,

Recently Padma of contacted me stating that has copied images from her recipe posts as well as mine without any permission or mentioning of my blog or hers. Please be aware of this telugu-recipes blog and try to protect copyright infringement.

If possible block this blog

The images this blogger has copied are for the recipe - Doodh Pack and the image used is:

The original recipe could be found at Thulli
Do let other fellow bloggers know about this copyright violation and make sure to post it on your blog so that everyone can be made aware. Thanks to Padma for letting me know.

Thanks and I hope all is well with you.


Mints! said... please file complains here.

Vaishali said...

That's really horrible, Priya-- plagiarism sucks, and I'm glad you're calling attention to this.
Hope you're enjoying your time with the baby. Take it easy, and I look forward to seeing more great recipes from you when you're ready.